Implementation Services

Customize every solution designAlign technology with organizational goalsStreamline your entire solution lifecycleImplement effective change management

Customized Solution Design

  • Capture, assess, and align processes
  • Evaluate long-term technological implications
  • Assess statutory & regulatory implications
  • Design architecture, solution, & security

Alignment with Organizational Goals

  • Capture, group, & prioritize backlog
  • Align innovation with processes
  • Conduct impact analysis of requirements
  • Associate organizational goals with changes

Pre-Solution Tasks

  • Analyze integrations across systems
  • Create implementation roadmap and approach
  • Clean legacy data to map and migrate it
  • Develop, test, & deploy integration tools

Solution Implementation

  • Capture continuous feedback
  • Make continuous mid-course adjustments
  • Complete end-user reviews and functional testing
  • Deploy with the industry’s best practices

Change Management

  • Reports & analytics coaching
  • Admin, user, & maintenance guides
  • System best practices along with tips & tricks
  • Training decks of custom curriculum


  • Post-Go-Live support
  • Supplemental user training
  • Capture emerging requirements
  • Training Admins and/or CoEs

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