Billing Management

Billing is a significant part of any business’s growth. It is imperative for an organization to maintain the correct billing standards to surpass the hurdles that often lead to failure. In straightforward and uncomplicated terms, the time between two bills is called the billing cycle.

Billing and Invoicing

A key to customer satisfaction is invoicing your customers in a way that works best for them. To do this, your billing management system must be able to automate your billing—regardless of order type, charge model or channel. We can help you implement a Billing Solution that supports a number of billing models, including transactional, subscription-based, usage-based, one-time and hybrid models.

Rebate Management

We can integrate Rebate Management into your end-to-end QTC solution to bring substantial ROI to your business. An effective Rebate Management solution can plug margin leaks, drive profits, lower administrative costs, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.