Seven Questions in Seven Minutes: Get to Know the CommerceCX Co-Founders

In this two part blog series, we asked our co-founders to answer the same set of seven questions in seven minutes. Up next, CEO Vinay Toomu.

Tell us about your journey into digital experiences

I saw the power of digital transformation early on in my career starting with the digitization of real estate software that enabled thousands of realtors to be more productive by getting access to systems anywhere, anytime. I also saw the power of digital experiences when working with financial services firms, Charles Schwab and Envestnet Tamarac, where intuitive user experiences enhanced the value proposition of technology as an enabler to solve business problems. Throughout my career, I’ve continuously looked to enable customer experience in the retail and financial services industries.

In your opinion, how was the customer experience industry evolved?

Customer experience (CX) in business used to be all about enabling complex functionality with no particular emphasis on user experience. However, the overwhelming transformation in CX is pushing it to evolve rapidly where user journeys and user experiences are front and center. As a result, technology investments are moving heavily from a cost center to a revenue center.

What is ahead for the customer experience industry?

Looking ahead, we’ll see continuous disruption and the reimagination of experiences with a focus on simplicity and mobility. In addition, we’ll start to see more organizations focusing on an anywhere, anytime customer experience approach across the end-to-end user journey.

Quote-to-cash, cognitive technologies, CRM and blockchain. Would you of these four do you think has the biggest impact on digital transformation process? Why?

All of the above ‘Connect 4’ elements intertwined will produce a progressively massive impact on digital transformation. What’s more, I see all of these elements being interdependent and building on each other to enable the commerce ecosystem. It starts with CRM as the base, followed by the acceleration of the implementation of sales processes and services using Quote-to-Cash (QTC) technologies. Processes will become more efficient and smart by involving cognitive technologies and as the final piece, blockchain will connect the end-to-end transactions.

What’s your best work-related shortcut or productivity hack?

I surround myself with the best minds and they come up with amazing solutions for problems.

What’s your go-to publication for news?

The Wall Street Journal, Google News and Wired

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

When you do the right thing, success happens. When someone does you a favor, never forget it – when you do a favor to someone, never remember.


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