Recognizing the need for improving your CX before it’s too late

Consumer expectations are higher than ever before, and the importance of a customer experience is morphing into a highly personalized, highly demanding landscape. With the rise of technology and big data, personalization offers brands a competitive advantage, aiming to take experiences to the next level. As companies begin to compete on customer experience, consumers are… Read More >

Connect 4: The Winning Tech Combo for End-to-End Engagement (Part 1)

Perfecting your digital transformation is not a game. Many businesses do not understand how critical end-to-end engagement is for their customers. While difficult to architect and deploy, the good news is that there is a formula to follow that can swiftly, and smartly, help you outmaneuver the competition and stay ahead of the technology curve.… Read More >

Enabling Frictionless Consumer Engagement

Be it retirement planning, going on a vacation, or buying on Amazon, consumers are driven by an intent that merchants, retailers, and service providers need to be mindful of how customers engage with their business and the what that experience is. CommerceCX has been the quintessence of leveraging consumer psychology to help organizations craft successful… Read More >

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