Understanding and Implementing Quote-to-Cash is Business Critical

How well an organization understands and implements a quote-to-cash (QTC) solution can help drive its success—or drive it under. QTC technology brings together all aspects of the sales process; including pricing, contracting, invoicing and payment. However, most organizations still think about these as back office activities and they are unaware of how they influence the… Read More >

How a Commerce Ecosystem Can Transform Your Business

There are several aspects of the buying and selling experience, but to truly transcend that step-by-step view, it’s important to think of the entire process as a customer journey. Supporting and embracing the complete customer experience brings it all together. This is truly the pinnacle of the digital transformation. The buying, selling, and servicing experiences… Read More >

Seven Questions in Seven Minutes: Get to Know the CommerceCX Co-Founders

In this two part blog series, we asked our co-founders to answer the same set of seven questions in seven minutes. First up, Rob Maille – our Head of Strategy and Customer Experience.  Tell us about your journey into digital experiences In the early 90s, I started out as a systems guy in the Marine… Read More >

Disrupting your business model: three ways to put CX in the driver’s seat

Defining and delivering what customers want are the keys to your business success. As organizations look to improve upon the customer experience (CX), it’s time to go beyond isolated touchpoints and look at the entire journey. The customer journey heavily influences what an organization will ultimately transform to and is the guiding light for how… Read More >

Connect 4: The Winning Tech Combo for End-to-End Engagement (Part 2)

In part two of our Connect 4: The Winning Tech Combo for End-to-End Engagement blog series, we’ll be discussing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Quote-to-Cash (QTC) technologies. More specifically how they help businesses create end-to-end engagements that will reshape their commerce ecosystem and ultimately improve their customer experience. It’s important to reiterate that in order… Read More >

Connect 4: The Winning Tech Combo for End-to-End Engagement (Part 1)

Perfecting your digital transformation is not a game. Many businesses do not understand how critical end-to-end engagement is for their customers. While difficult to architect and deploy, the good news is that there is a formula to follow that can swiftly, and smartly, help you outmaneuver the competition and stay ahead of the technology curve.… Read More >

Enabling Frictionless Consumer Engagement

Be it retirement planning, going on a vacation, or buying on Amazon, consumers are driven by an intent that merchants, retailers, and service providers need to be mindful of how customers engage with their business and the what that experience is. CommerceCX has been the quintessence of leveraging consumer psychology to help organizations craft successful… Read More >

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