The Roadmap to a Winning QTC Process

There is no straightforward road to achieve a winning Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process. It is a major business process that starts with creating quotes and ends with revenue generation. Most businesses have complex QTC processes with less visibility. They face many challenges, including inaccurate quoting, pricing, revenue prediction, calculation, etc.

It creates a need to build a roadmap to a winning WTC process. The key considerable factors are:

  • Identify your broken QTC process: First, identify what is broken inside your QTC process. Dig deeper into your subscription billing tool to get authentic information. It is a single source of information. But many organizations have siloed data that create unnecessary challenges.
  • Build quotes that drive sales actions: You can take our help for quote creation. With CommerceCX, you can respond to the customers fast with the right price and product combination. When you optimize QTC with us, you can easily get the right product combo, discounts, add-ons and all subscription details. It gives 360-degree visibility to your prospects on the whole subscription life cycle. CommerceCX automates the whole payment process with a link from the customer’s side and creates the invoice. We mark the quote’s status as ‘invoiced’ and recognize it. We create customized quotations as per diverse languages and compliance standards.
  • Integrations that make your Salesforce allocate more time selling- CommerceCX+Salesforce: The CommerceCX+Salesforce partnership help you optimize and streamline your OTC process with automation. It frees up time of the sales dept and they can have more time selling. We help you to easily integrate your ERP, CRM, and other customer-facing apps with OTC to bring all the processes into a single integrated platform. We help you deliver the right products to the clients at the right time. Right from receiving the orders till delivery, our custom QTC implementation simplifies all these processes with integration and visibility. We help you calculate the final charge and send invoices to the clients by implementing an accurate billing process to determine cash flow and forecast the revenue.

Make QTC implementation a win-win process with us

We at CommerceCX, are specialized in implementing complex QTC solutions for some of the big enterprises in the US and Europe region. Our experts provide multi-channel QTC solutions ensuring that every run right in your business including technologies and processes. As a part of our QTC implementation, we provide solutions on:

  • Configure, price, quote (CPQ)
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Order-to-Cash
  • Billing Management

Talk to our experts to make your QTC process a win.