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Reduces Catalog Update Time from Days to Minutes

Pricing is now easily available within the CPQ app, with drill downs that provide pricing by geography and product as well as multiple other criteria. Our users are very happy with the solution!

Director of IT, Paraco Gas

Client Goals

  • Accelerate price catalogs from monthly to weekly

  • Automate redundant time-consuming tasks
  • Transition from a manual process to Salesforce CPQ
  • Streamline integration of Salesforce CPQ and ADD Systems


Anyone with a car or a propane grill can tell you gas prices change frequently. When your business buys and sells it right from the source, those changes are near-constant. For Paraco Gas, adjusting their quoted prices based on market changes was starting to become more than a hassle. They had thousands of records saved in a manual system of Excel spreadsheets, monitored by a small team with a variety of other responsibilities on their plate.

Catalog pricing updates were delayed by up to days, which often forced salespeople to manually calculate or look up actual prices themselves mid-discussion with leads and potential clients. Paraco knew they needed a system that would make it easy to update prices according to fluctuating market standards. Their ideal system would let them update their price catalog weekly.

Today, they can do it in minutes.

CommerceCX Comes Onboard

Paraco reached out to CommerceCX after hearing about the company’s Salesforce expertise. They were especially interested in the Pricing Operations Manager and its ability to handle complex pricing quickly and easily. CCX developers and technical architects spent two weeks in discussions with Paraco to understand their needs and build a roadmap for configuration and implementation. A key factor was determining how to integrate Salesforce with ADD systems, a software specifically designed for fuel delivery. By time of launch, CommerceCX experts had:

  • Designed a tool to consolidate Paraco’s thousands of records into a few common prices, letting users update dozens of prices by changing one value.
  • Increased efficiency of catalog update process, letting users update almost 15,000 records in less than five minutes.

  • Integrated Salesforce and the Pricing Operations Manager with ADD Systems, letting users access records and update information across systems.
  • Enabled the easy addition of over 6,000 records after a company acquisition partway through integration.

Results of
CPQ Reconfiguration

  • Enabled integration of 6,000 new pricing records

  • Reduced catalog update time from days to minutes

  • Eliminated human error by automating pricing and discounting

  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing fast, accurate quotes

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