Got Contracting & Pricing Process Back on Track
in Under 12 Week


JDE Peet’s – World’s Leading Pure-Play Coffee & Tea Company

  • Manufactures and sells coffee & tea machines
  • Supplies coffee & tea ingredients to B2B businesses

“Amazing what you guys pulled off! Fantastic results in just 12 weeks! Performance improvement of +700% on our ALM process is something we could never dream of.” – Global Process Owner, JDE Peet’s


The customer embarked on their lead to cash template development of CRM, CLM, CPQ, Order Management, Billing Management, and Rebates. This template was to be implemented across 8 European countries.

Solution Requirement

The World’s Leading Pure-Play Coffee and Tea Company required a solution that:

  • Automates pricing and discount workflows
  • Provides discounts for multiple equipment and service combinations
  • Supports contracted product purchases with bucketed discounts
  • Streamlines pricing, contracting, order management, and rebates

Business Value of
Contracting & Pricing
Process Implementation

  • +700% improved response time
  • Recalibration in under 6 weeks
  • Over 350k contracts migrated in 5 days
  • Integrated Product Master into Salesforce


It was initially estimated that the entire lead to cash template would be implemented in 6 months. At the end of 5 months, the company realized that the implementation was nowhere near completion. The implementation until then was:

  • Superficial: High-level use cases worked but detailed Level 4 and Level 5 workflows failed
  • Incomplete: Software functionality did not cover end-to-end business scenario
  • Unstable: Systems often crashed when users configured prices and discounts

CommerceCX Comes Onboard

CommerceCX was onboarded in an advisory role because of its expertise in the Lead to Cash domain. With its thought leadership and advisory capabilities, CommerceCX:

  • Recalibrated the entire implementation
  • Handheld the customer through recalibration process
  • Provided a roadmap with predictable implementation timelines

With knowledge of technology and engineering as well as deep expertise in the enterprise cash domain, CommerceCX:

  • Designed new implementation with detailed workflows
  • Re-engineered the solution and customized the vendor software


The world’s largest Pure-Play Coffee Company had a fully functional solution up and running. The solutions provided:

  • Contract management capabilities
  • Scalable pricing and quoting infrastructure
  • Integrations for inside sales, channel sales, and e-commerce sales
  • Complete downstream fulfilment of billing, invoicing, and finance

CommerceCX integrated complete Product Master into Salesforce

With Technology and Engineering expertise, CommerceCX streamlined the code and updated the following areas for performance:

  • Customized bucketed discounts
  • Asset-based ordering
  • Contracted product purchases

Revamped asset-based ordering improved scalability and performance by 700%

Why CommerceCX?

CommerceCX helps organizations:

  • Fix CPQ, CLM, and Q2C implementations
  • Create predictable sales cycles through automation
  • Make Quote-to-Cash (QTC), Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Billing Management, and Pricing Management solutions error-free.

About CommerceCX

We are Salesforce and Conga experts. We have fixed faulty QTC, CPQ, CLM and CRM implementations for:

  • Ten Fortune 500 companies.
  • Four of the world’s top 10 system integrators.
  • One of the top 5 medical devices companies.
  • The largest pure-play coffee and tea company in the world.
  • The largest clinical trials company in the world.