Successfully Revived Failed CLM Implementation
in < 60 days


IQVIA – World’s Largest Clinical Trials Company

IQVIA contracts with

  • Principal Investigators (Sponsors of drug or device study)
  • Institutions that assist with clinical trials

“I often forget that CommerceCX is not a part of our team, because they are so committed to our success, and the success of the project.”
– Managing Director, IQVIA


  • Enters into agreement with a vendor to digitize Contract Lifecycle Management processes.
  • Expects to gain visibility and automate over 6000 contracts that it does annually and speeds up processes.
  • No meaningful progress 18 months into CLM implementation.

Business Values of
CLM Implementation

  • End-to-end CLM Implementation in 14 months.
  • Streamlined contract analysis process
  • Millions of USD in annual savings.

CommerceCX Comes Onboard

  • Shows quick business benefit with minimum viable product in 60 days.
  • Implements NDA through contract signatures in 8 months including change order functionality.
  • Incrementally adds other functionality and completes the project in 14 months.

From 18 months of non-existent solution to complete successful implementation in the next 14 months


Revived a failed Conga CLM Implementation

  • Captured all organizations processes into CLM solution.
  • Automated all the time-consuming contracting functions across the organization.

Faster & error free RFP responses

  • Brought all contracting teams into the system.
  • Automated and streamlined RFP response process across 480 users.

Minimized the scope for human errors with over 80% automation.

  • Templatization and Third-Party Integrations
  • Developed pre-approved clauses library for managing contracts

Integrated DocuSign into contracts

  • Added MSA templates to manage terms and conditions
  • Initiated contacts with multiple legal entities

Why CommerceCX?

CommerceCX helps organizations:

  • Fix CPQ, CLM, and Q2C implementations
  • Create predictable sales cycles through automation
  • Make Quote-to-Cash (QTC), Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Billing Management, and Pricing Management solutions error-free.

About CommerceCX

We are Salesforce and Conga experts. We have fixed faulty QTC, CPQ, CLM and CRM implementations for:

  • Ten Fortune 500 companies.
  • Four of the world’s top 10 system integrators.
  • One of the top 5 medical devices companies.
  • The largest pure-play coffee and tea company in the world.
  • The largest clinical trials company in the world.