Reduced Revenue Leakage by 18%
by Digitizing CPQ & Billing


A SaaS Restaurant Management Software Company

“We thank CommerceCX for the partnership and professional help. We were able to have honest conversations about implementations and get systems into place efficiently.”

– Sales Operations Head, SaaS Restaurant Management Software Company


The client wanted to digitize and integrate their CPQ and Billing systems to streamline their sales process and resolve issues with their previous system.

  • Sales personnel created quotes using unsecured and editable spreadsheets. Any salesperson with access could change critical data.
  • Client had no version control system, making it impossible to track changes.
  • Quote details often had to be manually recreated, creating redundancies and wasting valuable business hours.
  • The system couldn’t save or display deal negotiation histories. Only the latest quote was available.
  • Deal reviews and approvals created significant backlogs; a manual approval process delayed even standard deals.
  • Two different systems stored order and billing information, creating data errors and delays. Duplicating data was also very problematic.
  • Customer data wasn’t integrated into the system, making reporting on SaaS metrics like churn rate and customer acquisition costs challenging.

Business Values of
Lead to Cash Implementation

  • 100% accurate billing data.
  • 18% reduction in revenue leakage.
  • 60% reduction in time spent on redundant tasks.
  • 100% data security with access control.

CommerceCX Comes Onboard

CommerceCX agreed to implement Salesforce CPQ and Billing Management solutions to resolve issues with the client’s business processes. After working with the SaaS Restaurant Management Software Company, CommerceCX implemented changes that allowed the company to:

  • Secure quotes using proper access control mechanisms, preventing unauthorized salespersons from changing critical data.
  • Track all quotes with an effective digitized process, making it easy to see who made changes and when.
  • Track all data in deal negotiations from the initial quote to the latest offer, giving access to the negotiation’s entire history.
  • Eliminate deal approval backlogs by automating most approvals and requiring manual approvals only when necessary.
  • Save time by using quote templates to create quotes instead of manually recreating quote details.
  • Automatically synchronize order and billing information, removing data errors and delays and allowing easy data duplication.
  • Realize further insights into SaaS metrics like churn rate, customer acquisition costs, etc.


Reduced Deal Review Time

Automating quote generation reduced deal review time by 60%, freeing up more time for business development.

Eliminated Leakage in Revenue

Eliminating data errors caused by storing customer, order, and billing data in the same system ensured 100% accurate billing data and reduced revenue leakage by 18%.

Streamlined Lead-to-Cash Process

Streamlined the Lead to Cash process through automation, merging data on a single platform. Integrating third-party systems like Avalara, Conga, DocuSign, and Chargent improved visibility and usability.

Why CommerceCX?

CommerceCX helps organizations:

  • Fix CPQ, CLM, and QTC implementations.
  • Create predictable sales cycles by automating processes.
  • Come up with error-free Quote-to-Cash (QTC), Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Billing Management, and Pricing Management solutions.

Success Stories

Reduce Pricing Calculation
Time by 85%

Fixed Broken Lead to Cash Implementation
in Less Than 12 Weeks

Reduced Revenue Leakage by 18%
by Digitizing CPQ & Billing

About CommerceCX

We are Salesforce and Conga experts. We have fixed faulty QTC, CPQ, CLM and CRM implementations for:

  • Ten Fortune 500 companies.
  • Four of the world’s top 10 system integrators.
  • One of the top 5 medical devices companies.
  • The largest pure-play coffee and tea company in the world.
  • The largest clinical trials company in the world.

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