World’s Largest Clinical Trials Company

Overcomes Stalled CLM Implementation in 60 Days

Client Goals

  • Revive their stalled Conga contract lifecycle management (CLM) implementation
  • Eliminate human error in contract review and approvals
  • Ensure 100% accurate contract terms
  • Integrate external programs into core Salesforce
  • Implement automatic version control


If there is one word for clinical trials companies’ contracts, it’s “complicated.” Ensuring a clinical proposal adheres to regulatory standards while also fulfilling client and patient needs can take dozens of hours. For the biggest clinical trials company in the world, it can take hundreds.

Clinical trials company IQVIA had numerous agreement types, each with their own requirements. Contracting was entirely manual: proposals would be edited and redlined by legal and contract teams, then stored. Having no automatic version control meant users saved drafts manually, bloating storage and making final versions difficult to find. Each step required users to email the next person in the chain, delaying proposals whenever someone took a coffee break or a sick day.

IQVIA needed a CLM system that could handle their incredibly specific needs while accelerating the proposal process. They tried for 18 months to implement a Conga solution, but only managed to build infrastructure for one type of agreement. CommerceCX gave them a minimum viable product in 60 days.

CommerceCX Comes Onboard

CommerceCX knew from the very beginning how important it would be to understand IQVIA’s business processes; to create a sleek, well-running CLM implementation, you must understand the complexity of the processes it has to capture. After working closely with IQVIA’s legal team, we came up with a CLM solution that automated many steps of their contracting process and gave them breathing room for those tasks that had to remain manual. Our team:

  • Implemented version control and brought all contracting teams into the system, to coordinate easily and streamline the Request-for-Proposals process.

  • Built templates on standardized clauses, letting salespeople build fully compliant contracts without having to check with legal at every step.

  • Split quoting and contracting into two parallel processes, allowing salespeople to negotiate the pricing while the proposal team worked on the contract.

  • Improved user experience by streamlining contract analysis, automating routine tasks, and ensuring fast, fully compliant contract generation.

Results of
CLM Reconfiguration

  • Achieved a complete CLM integration in 14 months

  • Automated over 80% of IQVIA’s proposal processes
  • Implemented full version control

  • Full integration with DocuSign, Excel, and Salesforce

  • Conserved millions of USD in annual savings

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