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Reduces Pricing Calculation Time by 85% by Eliminating Redundant Data

Speed of quote generation is just one aspect of this solution. The most important part is the confidence error-free quotes gave our Sales personnel.
Business Process Owner, Philips Healthcare

Client Goals

  • Ensure accurate contract pricing
  • Accelerate quoting process
  • Reduce bloated pricing and contract data load
  • Improve user and customer experience of their Lead-to-Cash platform
  • Transition fully from Siebel to Salesforce and Conga


Imagine taking a coffee break every time you want to calculate a contract price.

As a medical device manufacturer, Philips Healthcare offers complex products with hundreds of configurable options, each requiring specific pricing on quotes. Out-of-the-box functionality couldn’t support this level of complexity, so Philips tried for years to customize their own Conga-based Lead-to-Cash system—to frustrating results.

After four years of work, users still resisted transitioning from their legacy CPQ application to a Conga solution. They pointed out that quote price calculations could take two minutes for a typical quote, and exponentially longer on quotes listing a lot of products. Quarterly full catalog updates delayed using new pricing data for weeks and couldn’t even include all their pricing data without threatening scalability and deteriorating the catalog update process even further.

CommerceCX Comes Onboard

Philips approached CommerceCX after learning about how we helped JDE Peet’s improve their system performance by over 700% by reconfiguring their Lead-to-Cash implementation. After getting to know Philips’s pricing model and requirements, we proposed that we could reduce their pricing data volume from 17 million rows of data to 1 million, accelerating their quoting process, ensuring fast and accurate contract pricing, and boosting their user and customer experience. Our solution:

  • Reduced pricing and discount calculations from two minutes to less than half a second.
  • Enabled integrating all region and pricing data, giving Philips full product and pricing data access.
  • Shortened sales cycles and promoted better revenue visibility.
  • Ensured accurate pricing and discounts by eliminating redundant and junk data.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing fast, accurate quotes.

Results of
CPQ Reconfiguration

  • Reduced time spent on simple calculations by 85%.
  • Generated 100% accurate pricing and discounts.

  • Enabled 100% data visibility across international markets.
  • Boosted Conga adoption by improving user experience.

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Medical Devices Company Reduces Pricing Calculation Time by 85%

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