Your CLM is broken

if 95% of contract approval workflows

are not automated.

Contract approvals automation saves 90% time.

Fix your broken CLM now


  • If you have trouble with adoption
    Bad implementations stop CLM adoption wasting time & investments.
  • If you do not have templates to initiate contracts
    Templates for every vertical and business process reduce contract creation time by 28%.
  • If you do not have a legal clause library
    Legal clauses library reduces contract time by 36% and saves thousands on legal fees.
  • If you cannot secure contract data 100%
    Role-based access to sections in contract makes data 100% secure

Fix your broken CLM now

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Who we are!

We are CommerceCX. We are Salesforce and Conga experts. We:

  • Fix CLM, CPQ, and Q2C implementations.
  • Enhance implementations to give your customers great buying experience.

We fixed broken CLM implementations for 

Largest Pure-Play Coffee Company
in the World

Read the success story

World’s Largest
Clinical Trials Company

Read the success story

What we did!

CommerceCX, has effectively:

  • Simplified managing and pulling of data for faster sales and procurement contracts with pre-approved templates and legal libraries.
  • Integrated 3 party systems that helped save time and shipping costs.
  • Minimized contract risks with role-based access to data.

How we did!

Track Record of Repairing Conga Implementations with us