Advanced Contract Pricing Solutions

Streamline your CPQ with a super-fast and accurate pricing module

Pricing Operations Manager | Benefits

Single Source of Truth for Product Pricing

CommerceCX’s Contract Pricing enables a single source of truth about product pricing. This module provides you with the best price for any product configuration customer-wise. Our Contract Pricing solution maintains pricing information at the regional and country levels. It applies pricing rules based on multiple variables, including tiers, units of measure, duration, one time, and subscription to customer and contract-specific pricing.

Super-Fast Pricing Calculation

Speed up your pricing calculations for complex quotes by running requirements against multiple contracts using built-in intelligent logic to provide accurate pricing and discounts within a few seconds.

Pricing Across Contract Hierarchy

Enable pricing calculations based on various contract types as frameworks for contracts, buying groups, and much more. Additionally, it takes contract hierarchy or account hierarchy into consideration to enable product pricing.

Built on Salesforce Platform

CommerceCX Contract Pricing is constructed on the Salesforce platform. Data flows between CommerceCX Contract Pricing and Salesforce CPQ into a seamless data process that occurs within the customer’s instance by using published development standards.

UX Improvement

Enhance the user experience of consumer-grade apps for sales and sales operations by making easily accessible data-driven insights and metrics.

APIs for Integration and Reporting

Use CommerceCX Contract Pricing APIs for easy integration with external ERP systems such as SAP, and accurate reporting and analytics with various reporting and BI tools.

Near Real-Time Data Sync

The near real-time data synchronization with the product master data of our Contract Pricing module helps to offer accurate product pricing, product hierarchy, and contracts.

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