Pricing Operations Manager

Shorten contract negotiation cycle by 50%Avoid losses due to wrong calculations by 75-90%Improve buying experience of your customer

Sales Operations

Shorten Contract Negotiation Cycle

  • Sales timelines take a hit with long contract negotiation cycle due to wrong discounts or prices.
  • With Contract Pricing Operations Manager always apply right discounts, use the right pricing sheet and quicken the contract negotiation cycle by 50%.

Avoid losses due to wrong calculations

  • Wrong pricing calculations results in wrong revenue recognition.
  • With Contract Pricing Operations Manager, the calculations are always 100% accurate. Send right quotes and reduce wrong revenue recognition by 75-90%

Improve Buying Experience

  • Delayed or long quotation generation time erodes the buying experience of your customer.
  • With Contract Pricing Operations Manager
    • generate accurate quotation in minutes and increase customer confidence
    • shorten purchase timelines and improve buying experience

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