Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Quickly configure, generate, and approve quotesAccelerate your sales process and witness instant sales growthInstantly create complex product configurations and bundles

Automate Quote Generation & Approvals

  • Configure complex products and bundles.
  • Accurately quote prices and discounts.
  • Quickly approve quotes using workflows.

Let Sales Teams Focus on Selling

  • Reduce time spent on routine processes by 75%.
  • Accelerate quote process time.
  • Reduce negotiation cycles.
  • Safeguard margins with “guardrails.”

Become Growth and Competition-Proof

  • Respond to market and competition challenges with ease.
  • Update prices in systems up to 90% faster.
  • Send accurate pricing quickly to customers.
  • Scale operational capability and be ready for growth.

Speak to an Expert

Sometimes you just need to see how all of these things work together.
We’d be happy to walk you through the Salesforce Platform, the Conga Suite, and how our products can streamline your sales process.

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