Contract Lifecycle Management  (CLM)

Create contracts 60% faster with pre-approved templatesSave time and money with e-signatures and a centralized repositoryGenerate notifications for key milestone dates for supplier contracts

Manage Contracts with Automation

  • Access contracts quickly from a centralized repository.
  • Integrate contract processes with third-party systems.
  • Control non-standard agreements through modification alerts.

Simplify Data Management

  • Store bids, supplier data, negotiated prices, and contract terms.
  • Create contracts quickly using pre-created templates and legal clauses.
  • Bridge all phases from contract initiation to renewal.
  • Expedite processes using sourcing and supplier information.

Save Time and Track Effectively

  • Accelerate operations with e-signatures and emails.
  • Get alerts of the key dates for supplier contracts.

Minimize Contract Risks

  • Control processes, automate tracking, and get a full audit trail.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and audits.
  • Maintain an organized report from beginning to end.

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