Quote to Cash (QTC)

100% Accurate Quotes in SecondsCost + Markup, Percent & Total, and Block PricingReduce Outstanding Receivables Timelines by 20-40%

Salespeople’s Time is Meant for Selling

  • Free up your sales team’s time by automating simple processes.
  • Quickly generate complex product configurations.
  • Ensure 100% accurate pricing and discounts.
  • Generate quotes and email them to customers automatically.

Know Your Inventory; Speed Up Order Delivery

  • Improve buying experience with on-time delivery.
  • Get instant 100% accurate access to inventory.
  • Reduce order processing time by 20-40%.
  • Deliver shipments on time, every time.

Reduce Timeframe for Outstanding Receivables

  • Automatically track outstanding receivables.
  • Reduce payback with 100% accurate quotes.
  • Improve payment collections with alerts.
  • Witness 10-15% increase in total revenue.

Serve Customers Anytime from Anywhere

  • Serve customers quickly through mobile devices.
  • Track and address customer issues while on the move.
  • Support and provide continuous assistance anytime.

Speak to an Expert

Sometimes you just need to see how all of these things work together.
We’d be happy to walk you through the Salesforce Platform, the Conga Suite, and how our products can streamline your sales process.

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