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6 Must-Have App Features to Monitor Salesforce DevOps Migration in realtime

October 27,2021


Successful DevOps migration in salesforce is not easy. Hence, such migration is a critical matter in business. Inefficient skills may affect your timely delivery, cost, monitoring, and analytics.

There are many DevOps tools (third-party) for Salesforce in the market. But are they able to solve the problems you are facing? Salesforce doesn’t have a concrete agile tool for metadata migration but the AppExchange is a platform where you can find some similar apps.

How to choose the best agile tool for Salesforce? Does a free SaaS app allow you to check A to Z of your projects?

This blog discusses some of the must-have features of an ideal Salesforce DevOps tool for metadata migration that resolve the challenges you are facing while monitoring Salesforce projects.


1. A Dashboard for Quick View Metrics

Any app is incomplete without a dashboard. Dashboard-less Salesforce DevOps tools don’t give instant access to important reports and metrics. As a project head, you must know all the storage and API related information with a quick view. It helps to keep an eye on logins, saves, and queries done by your team members. An ideal dashboard such tool should ensure you to view:

2. Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring in your agile tool’s dashboard empowers you to see how critical structures are working in Salesforce. You can also see the health of your Salesforce data instantly. Real-time monitoring also enables you to see if anything starts! It sends you instant alerts. Security breaches in the production or sandbox are also captured by such live monitoring.

3. Metadata Analyzing Capability

Metadata is data about data. Accessing and analyzing metadata is an essential aspect of modern DevOps migration. Different types of data and data consumption are increasing with the complexity of migration. Healthy metadata analyzing capability enables you to view the lifecycle and consumers of data. It helps in preventing incidents and finding data loop in the complex migration lifecycle.

4. Cover Apex Test

If a Salesforce DevOps tool doesn’t cover the Apex Test, then you need to push your developers to a different tool like xUnit, NUnit, PHPUnit, etc. Such back and forth increases delivery time. Hence, an ideal metadata migration tool must cover apex testing. It offers a framework to write, run, and check your unit tests with code coverage results.

5. View Audit History

Audit history is a critical and important part of a successful Salesforce agile tool. It is a security-relevant chronological record that provides documentary evidence of various sequences of activities that happen in the testing and production environments. With audit history, you can fast check any activity that has affected a specific operation, event, or procedure at any time.

6. Covering Sandbox and Production

A perfect Salesforce agile tool must cover sandbox and production environments at the same time. Otherwise, there would be a double environment for both. It will increase chaos for developers, testers, and managers. The app covering both testing and production environments empowers the Salesforce team to work in the same environment by increasing collaboration.

Manage Salesforce Connectivity for Future

If you look for all these discussed aspects in an agile tool for Salesforce, you have certainly landed on the right app. DevOps migration costs sometimes create a big leakage in the revenue stream. Hence, selecting a free app with all these features is crucial. As a Sliver Salesforce partner, we heal your metadata migration pain with no cost and agile philosophy. Additionally, our tool decreases hassles for Salesforce admins by offering 360-degree visibility of all projects on one single dashboard.

Feel free to talk to our experts to smoothen your Salesforce metadata migration journey.

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