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Achieve new heights with CommerceCX's simple and easy to use products: redefining efficiency in a digital world.

Our integrated technology model creates value by taking the right approach to scale tech products and platforms, aligning them with business goals, and prioritizing technology that works for customers.

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ScaleFluidly: Enhance your lead to Revenue processes with Composable Add-Ons

Explore the advantages of ScaleFluidly, composable architecture solutions designed to seamlessly augment existing CPQ and CLM solutions with powerful Commerce platform integration capabilities. Experience swift and measurable enhancements in your sales workflows, including amplified revenue growth, minimized costs, accelerated transactions, and heightened overall efficiency.

Composable Architecture: A Unified or Modular Solution

Item Grouping

Simplify your pricing and discount structures with our intuitive item grouping feature, designed for ease of management and time efficiency.

Collaborative Configurations

Enhance team productivity and accelerate deal closures by enabling collaborative work on configurations and quotes among sales representatives.

Version Control

Maintain precision in pricing and quoting with our robust version control system, ensuring every quote version is accurately managed and tracked.

Approval Workflows

Implement structured approval processes to mitigate unauthorized discounting, guided by clear deal criteria.

Custom Quote Templates

Generate professional, branded quote templates that ensure consistency in formatting, detail accuracy, and engaging visuals.

Partner Portal

Foster stronger partner engagements through a unified portal, facilitating quote access, sales collaboration, and streamlined quoting activities.

AdminCX Console

Elevate customization with AdminCX, a user-friendly yet powerful console allowing comprehensive management of users, permissions, product listings, pricing setups, approvals, and more, placing you firmly in control of your sales ecosystem.

Whether viewed as distinct composable modules or a holistic solution, our architecture is designed to provide flexibility, efficiency, and control over your sales processes
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PriceCX: Composable Add-On for Enhanced Pricing Efficiency

PriceCX redefines your pricing strategy, seamlessly acting as a composable add-on to your existing CRM, CPQ, or CLM solutions. It enables rapid updates to thousands of contract prices in minutes and accelerates quote generation. By intelligently applying the most favorable contract prices and discounts, PriceCX ensures unparalleled pricing effectiveness within your current system infrastructure.

In the dynamic sectors of Pharma, Health Care, Med-tech, Life Sciences, Automotive, and Manufacturing, our composable architecture solutions, epitomized by PriceCX, redefine operational excellence through seamless integration and customization. PriceCX is designed not only to enhance existing CPQ, CRM, and CLM systems but also to address the complexities of contractual and organizational frameworks, ensuring a comprehensive solution for industry-specific challenges.

Operational Price Automation Enhancements with Composable Architecture

Sales Efficiency Boost

Navigating through contracts and price sheets traditionally drains valuable sales time. By integrating our Price Automation Enhancement module, organizations have reported a minimum of 24% time savings in quotation generation, optimizing sales productivity.

Enhanced Sales Operations

Error-prone quotes extend negotiation periods and postpone deal closures. Incorporating our Price Automation Enhancement into your system cuts the sales cycle duration by up to 50%, ensuring faster, error-free quotations.

Marketing Agility

In a landscape where market dynamics and competition demand swift pricing adjustments, our solution enables rapid updates to prices and discounts directly within your CPQ system, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Financial Integrity

Our Price Automation Enhancement eliminates calculation discrepancies, preventing significant margin loss across the supply chain and ensuring 100% pricing accuracy when added to your CPQ.

Technological Innovation

Custom-built advanced pricing engines are essential for error-free and speedy pricing calculations. Our Price Automation Enhancement offers an out-of-the-box solution, seamlessly integrating with your CPQ ecosystem in just 4 to 12 weeks, propelling IT efficiency forward.

Legal Compliance Assurance

Adherence to contract clauses and international regulations is paramount. Our solution guarantees the correct application of contracts and clauses during quote generation, mitigating legal risks and ensuring compliance.

Tailored Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Complex Frameworks

Customer Framework Integration

PriceCX customizes framework contracts for individual customer needs, ensuring precise and efficient agreement terms.

Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) Support

Our solution empowers IDNs to leverage collective purchasing power and drive compliance, enhancing contract negotiations and supplier relationships.

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Collaboration

PriceCX facilitates GPO contract negotiations and management, ensuring streamlined administration and optimized member benefits.

Federal Government Framework Compliance

Navigate and comply with Federal Government agreements effortlessly, applying specific terms and conditions at the quote or order level with PriceCX.

Enhanced Customer Transactional Contracts

Transform quotes into detailed, long-term sales contracts with recurring billing elements, tailored to the unique terms and conditions of transactional agreements.

By integrating PriceCX as a composable add-on, businesses can not only enrich their technological infrastructure but also align operations with complex contractual and organizational frameworks, ensuring operational excellence, compliance, and enhanced customer relationships across all targeted industry verticals. This holistic approach delivers measurable improvements, including reduced sales cycle times, enhanced pricing accuracy, and increased operational efficiency, positioning your business for success in today's competitive marketplace.

PriceCX Capabilities

PriceCX Benefits: Streamline your CPQ process with a super-fast and accurate pricing module.
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Single Source of Truth for Product Pricing

CommerceCX's Contract Pricing module ensures accurate and dynamic product pricing based on various factors such as customer preferences, regional differences, and contract-specific terms. It offers a centralized source of pricing truth, applying rules like tiers, units, and duration for both one-time and subscription-based services at regional and national levels.

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Built on Salesforce Platform

CommerceCX Contract Pricing is constructed on the Salesforce platform. Data flows between CommerceCX Contract Pricing and your CPQ into a seamless data process that occurs within the customer's instance by using published development standards.

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Pricing Across Contract Hierarchy

Enable pricing calculations based on various contract types as frameworks for contracts, buying groups, and much more. Additionally, it takes contract hierarchy or account hierarchy into consideration to enable product pricing.

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Super-Fast Pricing Calculation

Speed up your pricing calculations for complex quotes by running requirements against multiple contracts using built-in intelligent logic to provide accurate pricing and discounts within a few seconds.

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Improved User Experience

Enhance the user experience of consumer-grade apps for sales and sales operations by making easily accessible data-driven insights and metrics.

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APIs for Integration and Reporting

Use CommerceCX Contract Pricing APIs for easy integration with external ERP systems such as SAP, and accurate reporting and analytics with various reporting and BI tools.

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Near Real-Time Data Sync

The near real-time data synchronization with the product master data of our Contract Pricing module helps to offer accurate product pricing, product hierarchy, and contracts.

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Pricing Across Contract Hierarchy

Enable pricing calculations based on various contract types as frameworks for contracts, buying groups, and much more. Additionally, it takes contract hierarchy or account hierarchy into consideration to enable product pricing.

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Optimize Order Management with OrderCX: The Composable Integration Solution

As digital commerce continues to expand, OrderCX stands out by enabling a seamless connection between sophisticated pricing mechanisms and ERP and commerce systems. Here's how OrderCX revolutionizes the order management process across various operational sectors:

Seamless Order Processing

Complex sales operations often face challenges with order accuracy and efficiency. OrderCX enhances the order management workflow, significantly reducing the time from order placement to fulfillment, and ensuring a smooth end-to-end sales process.

Advanced Pricing Automation

In the face of complex pricing models, OrderCX automates and synchronizes pricing across multiple platforms. This integration eliminates the risk of pricing discrepancies, ensuring every order reflects the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information.

ERP and Commerce Integration

OrderCX offers configurable integration capabilities that bridge the gap between your ERP system and commerce solutions. This connectivity ensures that pricing information and order data flow smoothly across systems, facilitating a unified commerce experience.

Dynamic Pricing Alignment

With OrderCX, dynamic pricing strategies are effortlessly aligned with real-time market conditions. This capability allows for instant updates to pricing across all sales channels, maintaining competitive edge and market responsiveness.

Infrastructure Synergy

OrderCX is engineered to complement existing digital infrastructure, offering rapid deployment that aligns with your IT roadmap. It provides a robust framework that enhances your existing systems without the need for extensive redevelopment.

Order Compliance and Accuracy

Accuracy in order management is crucial for maintaining customer trust and operational compliance. OrderCX ensures that every transaction adheres to business rules and regulations, maintaining high standards of compliance and customer satisfaction.

Incorporating OrderCX as your composable integration partner enriches your operational capabilities, ensuring that order management, pricing automation, and system integration are not only streamlined but also adaptive to the needs of a rapidly evolving digital commerce landscape.
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Empowering Digital Commerce with OmniCX: The Composable Commerce Solution

A landmark achievement in digital commerce transformation was marked when one of the world's most extensive public healthcare organizations recorded a 24% acceleration in their sales process by harnessing the power of OmniCX. Here's an insight into how our composable commerce solution revolutionizes various operational domains:

Sales Process Transformation

Traditional online sales channels often lead to a bottleneck during the product selection and checkout process. OmniCX integrates seamlessly with web-stores and portals, offering at least a 75% increase in transaction speed, significantly enhancing the user experience and boosting sales efficiency.

Product and Pricing Complexity Simplified

OmniCX excels in managing the intricacies of digital commerce, from individual products to complex bundles and dynamic pricing strategies. It effortlessly orchestrates the diversity of your offerings, ensuring that customers can navigate and purchase with ease, boosting both satisfaction and sales performance.

Operational Sales Advancement

Mistakes in online orders can lead to customer dissatisfaction and delayed fulfillment. OmniCX's precision eliminates errors, slashing the time to complete sales transactions by half and ensuring customer satisfaction with quick, accurate processing.

Market Adaptability

The rapid pace of change in consumer behavior and market trends necessitates agility in commerce offerings. OmniCX allows for on-the-fly adjustments to product offerings, pricing, and promotions across all digital platforms, ensuring that your business stays relevant and competitive.

Financial Precision

Inaccurate pricing and discounting in e-commerce can erode profit margins. OmniCX's automated pricing algorithms safeguard against revenue loss, delivering 100% pricing accuracy and protecting the financial health of your commerce operations.

Technological Edge

In the digital age, e-commerce platforms require robust, error-free engines for real-time pricing and inventory management. OmniCX is a turnkey solution that integrates with existing digital infrastructure in 4 to 12 weeks, catalyzing IT efficiency and innovation.

Compliance and Trust

Maintaining customer trust online means ensuring compliance with regional and international e-commerce laws and regulations. OmniCX ensures that all transactions are compliant with the latest standards, providing peace of mind for both businesses and consumers.

By choosing OmniCX as your composable commerce partner, you unlock comprehensive operational efficiencies across sales, marketing, finance, IT, and compliance. Our approach not only streamlines your e-commerce processes but also reinforces your digital ecosystem against the evolving challenges of the online marketplace, ensuring that your enterprise is equipped to thrive in the digital era.


Streamline your contract management processes with the MigrationCX, designed to accelerate data acquisition, systematize your conversion strategy, and migrate offline contacts into a centralized repository, enhancing organization and accessibility.

Learn industry migration techniques from our experienced data migration specialists.
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Built-in, Easy-to-Use Import Tool

Our import tool streamlines contract conversion, setting up and executing a clear strategy. It efficiently addresses offline contract conversion with sustainable processes, ensuring contracts are moved into the repository both smoothly and accurately.

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Accurately Migrate Contracts from any System

Our process starts with identifying a data migration strategy, followed by data gathering, cleansing, and mapping. This prepares the data for loading and subsequent thorough testing, ensuring accurate and seamless contract migration.

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