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How CPQ Helps Streamline Medical Device Sales

October 22,2021


Medical device sales teams are changing the way they have been selling by shifting the focus from selling products and devices to selling outcomes. This is significantly improving the overall customer experience. Not only are medical device companies seeing growth but 84% of companies globally are increasing revenues with better customer experience.

CommerceCX is helping build momentum in the B2B space and is drastically changing the common methods of selling medical devices.

Medical device manufacturing is a complex industry; almost everything you do is high risk or complex – or both. Your selling process changes every year because of the distribution channel that includes powerful and new purchasing groups. Medical device operations face strict government regulations and it becomes even more challenging and complex to get approval for new products. Additionally, there are ongoing risks such as patent, product liability, and intellectual property issues to navigate.

The overarching challenges lie in the complex selling process. Before each medical device reaches patients, companies must deliver the products to hospitals/clinics by bundling the correct combination of products. Companies need to navigate the complex pricing needs with group purchasing organizations (GPOs), integrated delivery networks (IDNs), direct-to-customer orders, and additional channel sales.

GPO entities support healthcare providers to realize efficiencies and savings by accumulating purchasing volume. They then negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors, and vendors to deliver the products. Per this research, GPOs save up to $55 billion annually in any given healthcare system.

This is where CPQ can be a lifesaver. The smart quoting logic of the tool enables your sales reps to create the right orders faster for your clients whether your medical device company specializes in single-use items or capital equipment, without worrying about whether the pricing being provided is in compliance. The combined functionality of Salesforce and CPQ helps you decrease the friction points and minimize anxiety in the buying process and ensures that the medical equipment provided delivers positive outcomes to the patients.

‘Automate’ factor in GPO or IDN pricing

Medical device firms have complex pricing based on device configurations as well as channels the devices are being sold through. Your sales team needs to price each product differently depending on the GPO or IDN a client is partnered with. Completing this process manually significantly slows down the sales cycle and has the potential for errors or stale pricing that significantly affects customer confidence when dealing with the supplier.

The contracted pricing logic of CPQ can determine the base price for every customer automatically based on the individual GPO or IDN contract. This unique CPQ solution quickly creates complex quotes with no errors, making sure discounts based on GPO, IDN, and customer-specific discounts

Suggest associated products

The product bundling features of Salesforce CPQ enable efficient cross-selling in the medical device industry. Whether you are offering single-use or capital equipment, CPQ makes it simple! This tool shows the associated products as optional bundles. It allows your sales representatives to add bundles quickly on a user-friendly platform. You can add the correct SKUs with a few clicks with Salesforce CPQ.

Set discount approval rules based on margin

Balancing the discount and profit margins can be difficult to manage. Offering discounts through a hierarchical approval process brings its own challenges. Oftentimes your sales team has the leverage to roll out discounts at a certain level though it will need approvals from the sales manager or VP. This is where CPQ solutions can drastically help. CPQ can eliminate these complications and set up the correct approval processes.

Manage SLAs for your all med equipment directly from CPQ

Salesforce CPQ can support you to include the right warranties in each quote automatically. It can also track the SLAs and entitlements of your customers after completing the deal. CPQ solutions give your reps visibility into the expiring warranties. CommerceCX can integrate the Service Cloud with CPQ and Salesforce can create service contracts and entitlements automatically. This enhances customer support with proven satisfaction.

Built-in reagent rental agreements creation capability

The reagent rental agreements have recently gained popularity amongst healthcare providers. Salesforce CPQ can enable your sales reps to sell disposables as yearly subscriptions that supply a specific quantity each month to customers. CPQ can spread the cost of any capital equipment across the subscription length with flawless accuracy.

Track sales (monthly, quarterly, yearly) by customer

CPQ solutions from Salesforce can evaluate past purchases while calculating the discount schedules. In addition, Salesforce Reporting helps to track the sales insights on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. CommerceCX can help you customize the CPQ development and implementation to match your desired business needs.

Increase Sales and Decrease Costs with Medical Device CPQ:

Implement Salesforce CPQ with us

We here at CommerceCX can strategically implement Salesforce CPQ solutions with tremendous expertise and accuracy. Our certified Salesforce professionals can develop custom CPQ implementations to meet your needs. Our successful track record of supporting medical device companies with the best CPQ solutions is unmatched!

The core pillars of our Salesforce CPQ solutions are:

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