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Boost your Customer Experience with Quote-to-Cash & Salesforce Sales Cloud


How many communication channels do you use while interacting with your customers? One, two, three, or sometimes more. The communication channels are ever-increasing and at times it is overwhelming to monitor customer interactions in all channels.

When your customer interacts with you, they seek assurance of reliability, empathy, and responsiveness from you. Hence, it is important to have a framework to monitor customer interactions in all stages of the sales process. CommerceCX’s Quote-to-Cash (QTC) implementation helps you keep an eye on customer interaction throughout the entire sales cycle.
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What are the stages of the sales process?

The two common approaches are:

CommerceCX’s QTC implementation

CommerceCX’s QTC implementation with Salesforce Sales Cloud

When you adopt QTC technology utilizing CommerceCX’s Salesforce Sales Cloud expertise, you will be able to monitor all customer interactions throughout all stages of the sales process.

To enhance your customer’s experience, we will implement QTC solutions with Salesforce Sales Cloud to:

CommerceCX has worked with several life sciences corporations on global clinical trials, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology companies to work through their business and technology transformation. We have assured predictable solutions while acknowledging that transformation can be challenging. This has had a major impact on productivity, increased efficiencies, and metrics which enabled a boost in revenues and profitability.

We blend Salesforce Sales Cloud with QTC to monitor customer interactions in the following ways.

Smart prospecting with Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

We use a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) strategy to monitor customer interactions when you find customer needs in the prospecting stage. In this qualifying stage, we help you to offer the best combination of products and services with discounts and promotions to fix a rate. QTC empowers you to create quotes, get approvals, and send these to the customers on time with an automated process.

Prepare, present, and handle objections with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Preparing, presenting, and handling objections are key stages in the sales process. QTC solutions assist you throughout these stages with contract creation, contract negotiation, and contract execution. CLM enables you to create and edit contracts including all required terms and conditions and send it to the customers. CLM will get you to an executed contract more efficiently.

Handling objections is a critical stage in the sales process and many sales reps give up. CommerceCX’s expertise in the QTC process and technology makes this smoother with a systematic approach.

Closing the deal with Order-to-Cash

Your customer signed the deal and now products/services need to be delivered accurately and efficiently. CommerceCX’s QTC expertise gives you visibility on all the deal closing activities and enables you to close all deals with a few clicks through automation.

Follow up with Billing Management and Revenue Recognition

CommerceCX’s expertise with architecting the right technology and process with billing management helps you calculate the final bill and send invoices to the customers. QTC ensures accurate billing which determines cash flow. When the cash flow is clear, your finance dept can recognize the revenue. It also helps you stay connected to potential referrals and deals.

Enhance your customer experience with CommerceCX

We specialize in offering QTC solutions with the help of Salesforce Sales Cloud to assure you of the best customer experience. Our expertise focuses on the hassle-free implementation of QTC per custom requirements. We help you monitor all of your customer interactions by streamlining and automating your sales processes.
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About CommerceCX: CommerceCX is a global consulting, design, and development firm. We provide organizations with the solutions and services that support the transformation of a commerce ecosystem. We specialize in CRM, Quote-to-Cash, and Lead to Cash, and have strong expertise in Salesforce, Apttus, and Microsoft Technologies. By leveraging our expertise, organizations can connect technology, data, and insights to unify and enhance the buying, selling, and service experience that powers the commerce ecosystem.

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