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Achieve new heights with CommerceCX's simple and easy to use products: redefining efficiency in a digital world.

Our integrated technology model creates value by taking the right approach to scale tech products and platforms, aligning them with business goals, and prioritizing technology that works for customers.

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Discover the benefits of a unified platform for configuration, pricing, and quoting. Experience immediate improvements in your sales process with ScaleFluidly, such as revenue scaling, cost reduction, time savings, and increased efficiency.

Key Features


Streamline pricing and discounts and save time with easy-to-manage item grouping.


Boost sales team efficiency and close deals faster by allowing sales reps to work together on configurations and quotes.

Version Control

Ensure accurate pricing and quoting by managing and tracking quote versions with precision.

Approval Workflow

Control rogue discounting by establishing approval criteria based on deal guidance.

Quote Templates

Create polished, branded quote templates with consistent formatting, product details, and visually captivating outputs.

Partner Portal

Strengthen partner relationships with a centralized platform for accessing quotes, collaborating with the sales team, and streamlining the quoting process.


Take customization to the next level with our user-friendly yet powerful AdminCX console. Effortlessly manage users, permissions, product offerings, pricing configuration, approvals, and more to put you in the driver’s seat of your sales process.

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Pricing Operation Manager

Our Pricing Operations Manager transforms your pricing process, updating thousands of contract prices in minutes and enabling rapid quote generation. It seamlessly applies the most advantageous contract prices, along with any discounts, ensuring optimal pricing efficiency.

World's top 10 largest public healthcare organization reduced sales cycle by 24%


Finding right contracts & right price sheets consumes valuable selling time.

Save quotation generation time by at least 24% by adding Pricing Operations Manager to your CPQ.

Sales operations

Quotes with errors increase negotiation cycle and delay sales closure.

Shorten sales cycle by 50% by adding Pricing Operations Manager to your CPQ.


Competition and market demand quick changes to prices and discounts.

Update prices and discounts in your CPQ in minutes using Pricing Operations Manage.


Calculation errors cause huge margin leakage across the supply chain.

Get 100% accurate prices by adding Pricing Operations Manager to your CPQ.

Information Technology

CPQ solutions need custom built advanced pricing engines for super-fast, error free pricing calculations.

Pricing Operations Manager is an out-of-the-box advanced pricing engine that can be implemented in your CPQ ecosystem in 4 – 12 weeks.


Nonconformity to major contract clauses and international laws can cause legal problems.

Pricing Operations Manager ensures that all right contacts are applied with all clauses when generating quotes with your CPQ.

Pricing Operations Manager Capabilities

Pricing Operations Manager Benefits: Streamline your CPQ process with a super-fast and accurate pricing module.
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Single Source of Truth for Product Pricing

CommerceCX's Contract Pricing module ensures accurate and dynamic product pricing based on various factors such as customer preferences, regional differences, and contract-specific terms. It offers a centralized source of pricing truth, applying rules like tiers, units, and duration for both one-time and subscription-based services at regional and national levels.

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Built on Salesforce Platform

CommerceCX Contract Pricing is constructed on the Salesforce platform. Data flows between CommerceCX Contract Pricing and Salesforce CPQ into a seamless data process that occurs within the customer's instance by using published development standards.

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Pricing Across Contract Hierarchy

Enable pricing calculations based on various contract types as frameworks for contracts, buying groups, and much more. Additionally, it takes contract hierarchy or account hierarchy into consideration to enable product pricing.

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Super-Fast Pricing Calculation

Speed up your pricing calculations for complex quotes by running requirements against multiple contracts using built-in intelligent logic to provide accurate pricing and discounts within a few seconds.

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Improved User Experience

Enhance the user experience of consumer-grade apps for sales and sales operations by making easily accessible data-driven insights and metrics.

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APIs for Integration and Reporting

Use CommerceCX Contract Pricing APIs for easy integration with external ERP systems such as SAP, and accurate reporting and analytics with various reporting and BI tools.

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Near Real-Time Data Sync

The near real-time data synchronization with the product master data of our Contract Pricing module helps to offer accurate product pricing, product hierarchy, and contracts.

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Pricing Across Contract Hierarchy

Enable pricing calculations based on various contract types as frameworks for contracts, buying groups, and much more. Additionally, it takes contract hierarchy or account hierarchy into consideration to enable product pricing.

Contract Migration Accelerator

Streamline your contract management processes with the Contract Migration Accelerator, designed to accelerate data acquisition, systematize your conversion strategy, and migrate offline contacts into a centralized repository, enhancing organization and accessibility.

Learn industry migration techniques from our experienced data migration specialists.
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Built-in, Easy-to-Use Import Tool

Our import tool streamlines contract conversion, setting up and executing a clear strategy. It efficiently addresses offline contract conversion with sustainable processes, ensuring contracts are moved into the repository both smoothly and accurately.

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Accurately Migrate Contracts from any System

Our process starts with identifying a data migration strategy, followed by data gathering, cleansing, and mapping. This prepares the data for loading and subsequent thorough testing, ensuring accurate and seamless contract migration.

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